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Physician on Trump’s Request: It’s really impossible

Emergency physician Dr. Megan Ranney says that despite what President Trump said, it’s impossible to sterilize the N95 masks as that coronavirus pandemic continues to grow.

Health Care Workers on Their Own Against Coronavirus As Supplies Dwindle

Dr. Esther Choo talks with Rachel Maddow about doctors, nurses, and other health care workers who are struggling to obtain the proper protective gear to administer care to the wave of new coronavirus patients, and the anticipation that continued federal poor planning will mean further shortages in the future.

The Episode of ER No One Asked To Be A Part Of

Dr. Shuhan He talks with Samantha Bee about the need to socially distance in the time of COVID. They discuss the challenge of healthcare workers staying healthy in the setting of the lack of PPE and how GetUsPPE.org can help in that mission.

Face Masks And Other Supplies To Donate To Hospitals During Coronavirus

Lots of hospitals are in desperate need of personal protective equipment right now, which has sparked a “sew down the curve” movement. But can hospitals even use homemade masks? And if you can’t sew, are there other things you can do instead?

New Effort to get Masks and Gloves to Healthcare Workers Launches Online

NBC: Crowd-sourcing efforts have led to the launch of a brand new #GETUSPPE website. Its goal is to coordinate donations of needed medical items including masks, gloves and gowns to hospitals and healthcare professionals.

Coronavirus: Dr. Ranney on how doctors are trying to get more medical equipment through Getusppe.org

Dr. Megan Ranney, an ER doctor at a hospital in Rhode Island, joins CNBC’s special coronavirus coverage. She discusses what her hospital is doing to conserve their resources in preparation for a surge of new coronavirus cases.

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Medical Workers Need Masks So A Grassroots Army Is Checking Basements, Garages, And Warehouses

Rounding up masks from garages and construction companies and test kits from research labs, a hardscrabble grassroots army has begun supplying doctors and nurses on the front lines of the war on COVID-19.

How can I Donate supplies to New York hospitals in Need?

New Yorkers know hospitals are running out of supplies. And they want to help. We heard from readers who have spare N95 masks, latex and nitrile gloves, wipes, goggles and more…

The coronavirus crisis has upended American life, and fresh ideas are needed for dealing with the problems it’s creating. Here is a collection of smart solutions. We will expand this list over the coming weeks.

Coronavirus: SF health care workers more concerned about medical supply shortage than COVID-19 itself

Emergency room doctors and nurses say they don’t fear the coronavirus, as much as they worry about the shortage of protective gear to keep them from catching the disease and spreading it to patients.

When Harvard University professor Ethan Garner pondered how to help health-care workers facing a lack of medical equipment as they fight the novel coronavirus, he thought about Burning Man.

Health care workers are running out of face masks. They’re asking people to donate.

Masks and respirators are designed to be worn only once, but some medical professionals are being asked to re-wear their gear.

Medical facilities across the country are running low on masks and other important safety supplies

“It felt like I was in a third-world country fabricating protective equipment for Ebola. I mean, this is incredibly rudimentary equipment.”

Crowd-sourcing efforts have led to the launch of a brand new #GETUSPPE website. Its goal is to coordinate donations of needed medical items including masks, gloves and gowns to hospitals and healthcare professionals.

How to Help the Helpers

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed medical professionals into the front lines of danger. Here’s what you can do to help, safely.

Hospitals are censoring doctors. That endangers the rest of us.

Physicians on the front lines should be able to tell us what’s happening without fear of repercussions.

The Defense Production Act Won’t Fix America’s Mask Shortage

As states and hospitals say they lack the gear they need, these grassroots efforts have recruited tinkerers and small manufacturers to the cause.

A Sacramento man is using his 3D printer to build protective gear for health care workers treating COVID-19 patients.

How severe is the shortage of protective gear facing health care workers, and what, if anything, is being done about it?

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